Our Story

The idea of the band was originally sparked in our brain in late summer 2012. When we decided to put back together the old group from years years back. After we got our group back together we were still missing a singer..

Many.. many.. mmm.. many candidates later finally Rodi showed up to our rehearsal room (it took about a year for him to navigate) and the Dirty Thieves were born in late 2013! 

Few months from there we were already hitting the stage and ever since we have been rocking every place we just could get our leg in! \m/ At summer 2014 we got a new drummer for the band (Magnificent Krisse aka Krabba) and the band got whole lot tighter in every possible way. And louder. And faster. And groovier.

In late summer of 2014 we hit to the studio the make our debut EP consisting of four rock solid songs! We released to whole "Beyond Story" ep in October same year and filmed the music video for the title song in January 2015. After releasing the Ep we had a lot of gigs all around Finland. In the beginning of 2016 we jumped again in the studio to make our next mind blasting EP. Later same year we released SCAPEGOAT which blew people heads off! Followed by the magnificent single called THE LITTLE MAN.

Now we just released our latest single called TIME PASSING BY! Go to check it out!

See ya in Gigs!

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Dirty Thieves

Dirty Thieves

  • Rodrigo Coloma - Vocals
  • Henri Flame - Guitars
  • Joonas Saarinen - Bass
  • Kristian Eriksson - Drums